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Dean grasped a pencil as a baby and never looked back. At 2 years old he drew a perfect circle on the living room door which was applauded as he joined the ends, but his Mother didn't share the joy! Inspired by too many artists, cartoonists and photographers to list here, Dean has continued to adapt, explore and experiment with every possible media possible. Refusing to be pigeon-holed or caged into one specific genre of art, Dean relentlessly pursues the next chapter, drawing on his experience, humour, inspiration and experiences to please others.

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Dean has worked on several professional projects, but as a personal choice and for individual privacy, has chosen to omit these from both the website and the gallery for the time being. If you wish to view these works, which range from logo design, web design, photography, portraits, pet portraits, tattoo design, and personal humour, please email Dean for requests..

E-mail Dean direct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your work?
Just email using the link below


I have a strange request for something out of the ordinary?
Most things, however inconceivable, are possible, if they're TOO impossible, I'll try or let you know.


I'd like to buy your work, but I just want a digital copy

This is also easily done. E-mail using the link below and it's as easy as 1-2-3!


What formats are available?
Anything within realistic reason. Canvas, Paper, Framed prints, Vinyls, Keyrings, T-Shirts, the list is virtually endless, you imagine it, makes it real. If it's not do-able, I'll let you know.



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