A cockerel, screaming his little face off. Noisy little chicken.

Here’s a couple of characters I’ve created, mainly for the ‘sticker-bank’ which I’ll mention again in a moment.
Firstly (Above) is a glorious Cockerel, crowing his biggest “Cockadoodledoo!” to everyone in a 2 mile radius. I adore chickens, cockerels and other fowl. I’m not vegan or vegetarian though, so I also like KFC* and a good roast chicken with roast potatties and veg. So a wonder of creation, a beautiful creature, right down to the last bite.
*other fried chicken establishments are available.
I was inspired do draw this because one of my neighbours has a Rooster/Cock and I love hearing it crowing, although it does make me smile every time, as it REALLY gives it all it’s got, almost to the point of sounding like he’s auditioning for a lead-singing role in a Screamo Rock band.


Little things please little minds, eh?
I said earlier ‘a couple’ of characters and I’m a man of my word, so below, is the second, to make up the couple. Even though they have nothing to do with each other, apart from the sticker-bank, (yes I know, be patient, I’ll mention that in a bit!) Well, I suppose they do have the title ‘early bird catches the worm’ in common, but it just worked, it’s not a connection, they just happen to be the first 2 pieces of art I’ve drawn recently.
It’s just called ‘Bookworm’ I’ve been cheeky and put him in an apple for the purposes of ironic humour, but when he becomes a sticker, he’ll be a bookworm, you see? Method to the madness.
Anyway, here he is below, he is a very cheery, happy little worm. He likes you a lot.

A bespeckled bookwork, with a slightly angled look smiles a big smile, he's happy to see you. He's popped out of an apple.

Okay, I promised a brief explanation of what the ‘sticker-bank’ is. It’s a place where I’m collecting all my possible artwork which translates well into sticker form. Once this bank amasses enough designs to warrant a whole batch, I’ll make them available to purchase. Who knows? Someone might buy a set. I’m biased, but who wouldn’t want these two cute fellas stick to their belongings?

This is what the stickers might look like, when the become stickers.
An idea of how the stickers will look in the future! Exciting! I want one NOW!

So to conclude today’s bloggery, we have 2 characters in the sticker-bank, with more to come very soon.
Is there a sticker (without breaching copyright) That you’ve always wanted? Got a crazy idea that would sell well in the sticker or T-Shirt world? Comment below or leave a message on my facebook or insta (links at bottom of page)
Be good to each other x